By Our Reporter, Shillong News | Shillong, Feb 23, 2018: 
Taking a dig at the statement of AICC president, Rahul Gandhi on the Rs 70 crore being offered by the Centre to develop religious sites in Meghalaya, the BJP today said that it’s very shameful that the president of a national party is insulting the Church in Meghalaya.

“If the Government is doing something for a community you are saying that we are are trying to bribe the churches now. Does he think the Church is purchasable. It’s a complete shame,” Union Minister for Tourism, KJ Alphons told newsmen today while adding that it is not expected on the part of the Congress president to speak in this way.
He further stated that the project which was offered to the churches is the scheme of the Government of India adding that the BJP is not trying to buy the churches.
When asked if the package offered to Churches was only a negative perception of the Congress or a negative perception of the people and Churches, Alphons said that the package was discussed with Church leaders and money was allotted for Churches, Temples, Mandirs Indigenous faith. “We did it in consultation with them,” he added.
“When I met the Church leaders, none of them said anything. I don’t see any perception on the Church, but the Congress is raising their voice,” Alphons said.
“It is shameful of Rahul and he is insulting the people and the Church,” he added.


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