India happens to be an unfortunate hub for water-borne diseases, given that the majority of people here have access to unreliable sources of drinking water and for other needs. Be it groundwater in rural areas or municipal water in our water supply lines, both tend to be equally contaminated.

Fertilizers and other soil improvement agents are responsible for one and the addition of harsh ‘cleaning agents’ during the purification cycles for the other. This makes owning a personal water purifier extremely important. 

On the market, there are a plethora of water purifiers. However, finding a low-cost option that also provides safe drinking water can be difficult. Kent alongside Aquaguard and Pureit has been a great reliable source among ROs for many years. It provides one of the best RO technologies at an affordable price, making it a viable option for Indian households or workplaces.

Kent has created a few models to make it easier for you to choose based on your needs. Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus are two of the most well-known. This article will compare Kent Pearl vs Kent Grand Plus and their similarities to help you decide the right one for you.

Kent: An Overview

Kent is a well-known water purifier brand in India. It was the country’s first water purifier brand to introduce RO purification technology. Kent is built with modern purification mechanisms that use all three main filtration technologies – UF, UV, and RO. It has the most innovative reverse-osmosis method for removing all types of particulates, including dissolved chemicals.

KENT has included a UV-LED light in the purifier’s storage tank to protect against this infection and keep the water clean at all times. It’s one of the unique features Kent devised.

The brand’s commitment to maintaining environmental integrity has led us to develop the Save Water Technology, which ensures that no water is wasted when using the RO water purifier. Overall, Kent has been undoubtedly providing safe drinking water to millions of people every day.

Comparison: Kent Pearl vs Kent Grand Plus

FeaturesKent PearlKent Grand Plus
Product dimension33cm×40.5cm×47cm (W×D×H)41 x 26 x 54 cm (D x W x H)
Purification capacity20 litres per hour20 liters per hours
Membrane typeThin Film Composite ROThin Film Composite RO
Purification levelsRO+UV+UF +TDS Control processRO+UV+UF +TDS Control process
Material bodyFood Grade, Non – Breakable, Transparent ABS Plastic ConstructionABS Food Grade Plastic
Power consumption50-60 Hz50-60 Hz
Warranty1 year1 Year
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Similarities between Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus

Similarities between Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus

1. Storage Tank

Kent has a see-through water storage tank, one of its most remarkable features. The detachable transparent storage tank allows you to see the process with your own eyes. Furthermore, it is simple to clean the tank by simply removing it, and there is no need to remove the screws of the whole filter for a single work.

2. Purification Speed

These two water purifiers have a purifying rate of 20 liters per hour. These two are among the best RO water purifiers features you can ever find. It’s also quite fast for most households. Given the tank capacity of 8 to 9 liters, the storage tank will be filled in 25 to 30 minutes, which is quite impressive.

3. Mount Mode

Another feature that these filters have in common is the ability to be wall-mounted. For a more secure experience, stick them to the wall. That’s a lot of convenience for all users.

4. UV Disinfection in the Tank

These water purifiers have UV disinfection in the tank. It means that the water is continuously purified by UV light while it is contained within the tank.

It is an excellent feature since viruses and bacteria can grow even when the water inside the tank is collected. Furthermore, this feature is not a common one in most of the ROs and is only available in the best water purifiers in India.

5. Food Grade Plastic

Both the Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus are made of food-grade plastic, a less polluting substance. This material is non-toxic and provides you with endurance

6. No Water Waste

The Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus have the Re-circulation function, which re-pumps the excess water to ensure that no drop is wasted.

7. Maintenance Cost

Since the filters in these purifiers are identical, the maintenance costs are the same. And these filters must be replaced once every year.

Differences between Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus

Both of these products, Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus, are pretty popular in the market. Even though these are two different models from the same brand, it has a few Kent Pearl vs Kent Grand Plus moments. So we will be discussing them below.

1. Weight

The weight is what distinguishes Kent Pearl from Kent Grand Plus in terms of design. The Kent Pearl weighs 10.8kg, while the Kent Grand Plus weighs only 8.4kg. The latter is considerably lighter and better suited to most households. In contrast, the former is better suited to workplaces or commercial use.

2. Detachable Storage Tank

Kent Pearl has a detachable storage tank, one of the key distinctions between it and Kent Grand Plus. It makes cleaning the tank a breeze. Nevertheless, you will still need to detach the reservoir from the device with a screwdriver.

3. Zero Water Waste

Kent developed Zero Water Wastage technology to eliminate the most significant disadvantage of RO water purifiers: water wastage. RO filters waste 60 to 70% of the water extracted in the form of RO discarding water via the reject water pipe.

Kent has implemented Zero Water Wastage technology, which decreases water waste, to prevent this. The Kent Pearl features ZWW (Zero Water Wastage) technology. Meanwhile, Kent Grand Plus is available in two variants. One has ZWW technology, while the other does not.

4. Tank Capacity

Kent Pearl has an 8-liter tank capacity, while Kent Grand Plus has a 9-liter tank capacity. It isn’t a significant gap but still makes a difference. Moreover, since the filtration rates are comparable, both cases will take less than 30 minutes to fill the tank. As a result, this is not an essential aspect to consider.

5. Design

The designs of the Kent Pearl and Kent Grand Plus are distinct. Kent Pearl has a clear water reservoir which allows you to see the water level easily. The filters are hidden behind the water tank, making the design more appealing.

The Kent Grand Plus, on the other hand, comes with a non-detachable white storage tank. In furthermore, the filters can be seen through a transparent cover. It is a more standard design of most RO models


If you are thinking about purchasing one of these water purifiers, you are making a great decision. When comparing Kent Grand Plus vs Kent Pearl, you may not notice many differences. However, if you are looking for something for your household, Kent Grand Plus is a better option.

And if you want a water purifier with a sophisticated design, the Kent Pearl is the one for you. I hope this article assists you in making an informed decision before purchasing one.

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