Water is an essential component for almost all of the life forms, including humans. Some organisms have 90 % of their body weight come from water, and up to 60 % of the human body is made up of water. But if the requirement is large, then does that mean that any water will suffice the needs of our body? No, water from polluted sources contains dangerous pathogens that may or may not lead to serious illnesses.

With climate change and increasing pollution, the need to purify water has never been greater, making the demands for water purifiers go continuously higher in the market. So, drinking water from a trusted and reliable source is the key to staying healthy, but what should you do to make this possible? Since you can’t change the water sources what you can do is get a good water purifier installed in your home.

Since you landed on our page, we believe you’re looking for a water purifier as well, and we’re hoping to help you with that task. When you dive into the market to look for options, you will realise that Kent and Aquaguard purifiers are the most popular brands in this industry and this review we’ll determine between kent or aquaguard which one is better for your house.

Importance Of Using A Water Purifier

Importance Of Using  A Water Purifier

Water purification is necessary to keep you and your family safe. It helps get rid of bacteria, spores, parasites, heavy metals and harmful chemicals from entering your body. We know that water is treated before it’s supplied to your home, but how can you be sure that the water coming to your house is perfectly clean and safe?

You can never be sure about this as the chances of errors increase when water is cleaned out on such a massive level, and we believe that it’s best to rely on a localised solution for your home, i.e., a water purifier.

As you know, water plants use chlorine to clean water, but sometimes they put an extra amount of chlorine in the water.  This excess amount either leads to a foul smell or causes health issues like wheezing, irritation of the airway, sore throat, chest tightness and in worst conditions chlorine poisoning.

In such scenarios having water purifier is essential which helps to clear out excess chlorine from your water. Therefore, it’s essential that you choose a good water purifier.

A water purifier helps you to take that extra step for the safety of your family.

Aquaguard Vs Kent Water Purifiers: The Key Differences

Aquaguard vs Kent Water Purifiers
TechnologyUses Reverse Osmosis, UV or UFRO and Osmosis
DesignWater purifier is durable and suitable for householdsWater purifiers are user friendly and suitable for households with warm colours
CapacityAverage Tank capacity is 8L7 to 10L Tank capacity
PriceKent is less expensive and on budget friendly sideAquaguard purifiers are expensive than kent

Whether it is kent or aquaguard the history of the brand and their product quality will give you a fair idea for why they are one of the leading brands in the Indian market.

Kent ro was the pioneer of the ro purifiers, and Dr Mahesh Gupta started it. His revolutionizing technology took Kent from being a backyard business to one of the top companies in the country.

He designed RO filters by accident, and after that, he worked on more designs, ultimately leading to the Kent purifier that has claimed its place in many Indian households. Through tough conditions, lack of capitals and hard work, the company rose to today’s glorious present where Kent is a renowned and trusted brand for a lot of Indians.

Aquaguard one the other hand is one of the household’s offerings from Eureka Forbes. It is a leading homegrown brand which started from selling vacuum cleaners and grew to be reliable in the market. Eureka is known for its premium cleaning and purifying solutions. Their popularity is due to their customized technology that suits different environmental conditions prevalent throughout the country.

Both these brands travelled a long road and became strong players in the water purifiers market.

1. Technology Used In Aquaguard and Kent

Both the companies have their massive customer base. When we do thorough research on aquaguard vs kent, we realize the water purification is almost of the same quality but the technologies employed are entirely different.

Aquaguard RO employs the principle of reverse osmosis to get rid of impurities from water, and Dr Mahesh Gupta was the man behind this spectacular discovery. He made a ro system at home using membrane and a pump. Masses loved this idea on such a level that it made Kent as one of the leading brands in the Indian market.

If you don’t know what reverse osmosis is then all you know is that this process removes unwanted ions, particles, impurities and molecules from your water. These solutes are usually retained on the pressurized side of the permeable membrane.

Coming back to purifiers, Aquaguard has become one of the leading brands in this industry besides Kent RO. Their popularity is due to their better understanding of the Indian demographic. They’ve developed twenty-one purifying technologies to support the needs of the customer from the varying water conditions of India.

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2. Water Purifier Designs

Another significant factor to consider while choosing between kent or aquaguard is designing and looks. Both of the companies use high-grade plastic to manufacture their products which stays durable and looks brand-new for a long time.

Most of the kent purifiers are made to complement modern households and offer great convenience to the user. The effective filters with storage tanks and multiple parameters offer great performance.

Aquaguard purifiers, on the other hand, are also user-friendly and come with parameters like dispensing, indicators etc. Their design looks great for households with tiles, warm or light coloured walls.

3. Capacity

Aquaguard purifiers offer great capacity which may vary from seven litres to ten litres and kent ro, on the other hand, has variable tank capacity. Kent Grand has nine litres capacity while there are exceptional products from like Kent Elite that can purify at the rate of forty litres per hour.

4. Price

Your budget is another determining factor that will help you decide which cleaner is most appropriate for your home. For a better idea, you can get an eight litre Kent ro for nineteen thousand whereas if you can expand your budget, then you can get a seven-litre Aquaguard ro for twenty-two thousand.

Even though Aquaguard is a bit more expensive than Kent, the quality of both the brands stays great even in an affordable price range.

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5. Customer Service

You might have read many articles about kent vs aquaguard or kent ro vs aquaguard ro to find out which purifier is more suitable for your home. We believe that a great factor for deciding is knowing which brand provides better customer service.

As when you buy a new water purifier, the costs of customer service sounds like a far-fetched tale until one day you realise that your membrane has started to harden and it’s finally time to call the service people.

AMC comes in handy during times like this as it is the annual maintenance contract between the manufacturer and customer where the manufacturer provides you with service and repairs on the pre-decided terms. Every brand has its special contract, terms and prices in the AMC, but one thing that stays common is a few visits by trained technicians throughout the year.

Some companies even offer to send technicians during emergency breakdowns, but it all comes down to the company and customer. In case of Kent ro service cost in case of expiry of AMC is  Rs. 300/- as service charge and cost of spares if required. On the other hand, Aquaguard RO service costs RS. 299 and their AMC starts as low as RS. 499 but the costs may vary depending on the model as well the desirable terms for the customer.

If this is not something you prefer doing, you can learn why your RO water purifier is not working and try to fix the problem yourself.

6. Disadvantages of the Two Brands

RO purifiers have a common disadvantage of using up more time to purify the same amount of water as a UV water purifiers. They usually end up removing even important minerals and more expensive than other types of purifiers.

Kent purifiers need more maintenance as you have to change filters on frequent intervals. To be specific, you have to invest in a filter every two to three months, and this adds to the total maintenance cost of this product. While using some Kent purifiers, you might feel like the water has altered taste.

Some of the aquaguard purifiers offer very less storage capacity while demanding a continuous power supply for use. They also have a high maintenance cost. Some customers have complained about the product surface feeling cheap, but thankfully it is just a feeling.

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Which Is Better?

Hard water is a common problem for a lot of regions in India, and it is unfit for drinking. This type of water has a high mineral content of salts like magnesium and calcium. And just so you know hard drinking water leads to serious ailments like cardiovascular diseases, neural diseases, infertility, diabetes, renal dysfunction etc.

If you are living in an area that has hard water, then your best choice is to go for a purifier, and our go-to recommendation is either Kent RO or Aquaguard RO. Since both the companies offer great purifying quality and equally reliable products, there is no clear division that makes one superior to the other. According to our use case & region, we prefer Aquaguard over Kent due to better service and reliable parts.

But we believe factors like budget, maintenance costs, storage capacity, warranty and parameters help you to narrow down your choices to the one brand that is most suitable for you. This brings us to the end of our review, and we hoped that our review helped you make a more informed decision irrespective of what brand you choose. Similar to this review, you could also read our comparison on Kent and Pureit to compare more water purifier brands.


Yes, RO remove TDS. This process involves. The process of removing TDS involves applying pressure to the influent water stream to overcome osmotic pressure and reverse the natural osmosis process, filtering out salt ions down to 0.0001 microns. RO removes 95-99% of TDS(Total dissolved solids).

Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV with TDS Controller and Kent Ace Mineral RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller are best Kent water purifier.

RO water has a pH level between 6 and 7, but no matter what the pH of the water you consume, as it passes through the cell wall, it instantly becomes the pH of your body.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura 7L Ro+Uv E is the best aquaguard,

Both the quality of Kent and Aquaguard RO is same although aquaguard is more on an expensive side.

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  1. Wondering how still Aquaguard is in comparison. All parts are fragile and had to be replaced within 4 years if usage . No proper service rectification on time, though had AMC. Just dumped in store and buying Bisleri regularly.

  2. Aqua guard shuts of filter after a specific time irrespective of the quality of filter. A chip-based timer will shut the filter

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