Shillong News | SHILLONG, May 09, 2018

After having been accused of acting like a ‘dictator’, the KHADC CEM P N Syiem has now been alleged of sending threat messages to the Executive Member (EM) of his Executive Committee in the Council.

Grace Mary Kharpuri, MDC from Nongshken, has alleged that the KHADC CEM sent threatening messages to her for resigning from the post of the EM.

“He (PN Syiem) at least on three occasions had sent threatening messages asking to me to resign or he shall dropped me from the EC,” Kharpuri told media persons on Tuesday.

Kharpuri pointed out that this only reflects the desperation of the CEM. “This has not hurt me personally but it has affected the sentiments the people of my constituency who have elected me,” she said.

The MDC added that the CEM had forcefully taken away the portfolios of the Forest Department from her, stating that this was done without her knowledge.

Karpuri then demanded a CBI inquiry over the alleged misappropiration of Rs 28 crores by the CEM. Kharpuri further questioned the decision of the CEM to divert the Rs 28 crore for the council assets adding that the CEM has taken this decision on his own. She asserted that the matter came to light after the members of UDP and HSPDP rushed to the CEM to ask him about the matter.

 “The CEM alone knows about the Rs 28 crores. The HSPDP and UDP were the ones who started it,” Kharpuri said.

Earlier, MDC from Mawhati, James Sylliang had accused Syiem of acting as a ‘dictator’. “He (Pynshngain) will not allow the Executive Members (EMs) to perform independently. He would always interfere with matters of other departments which have been given charge to the different EMs,” Sylliang said while speaking to media persons  on Tuesday.

He claimed that the KHADC CEM had struck down a file which was approved by him without his prior knowledge.

“This is not the first time since there were numerous occasions where the CEM would recall the files which had been endorsed by the EMs,” the Mawhati KHADC MDC said.

“How does the CEM decide on his own to divert the funds without bothering to consult the other members of the EC,” the Mawhati KHADC MDC had questioned.

He further accused that Syiem had taken a unilateral decision by the diverting the one-time Central Special Assistance amounting to Rs 28 crore for the Council assets adding that the Centre had actually earmarked the funds for the developmental works in various constituencies of the Council.



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