SHILLONG| May 01, 2019:

The special assistance grant of Rs 52 crore awarded by the Centre has landed the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) led Executive Committee (EC) in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) in the trouble.

KHADC Chief Executive Member (CEM), Teinwell Dkhar is now in soup especially with the 6 MDCs of the ruling coalition had given a letter to withdraw support from the UDA.

The ruling alliance in KHADC has been reduced to a minority within two months of its formation. Six MDCs of the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) — three from NPP, two independents and one PDF — withdrew support to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) coalition, which is leading the KHADC.

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The MDCs, who withdrew support, included — three Executive Members (EMs) and NPP MDCs Mitchell Wankhar,Victor Ranee, People’s Democratic Front (PDF) MDC and Executive Member, Macdalyn Mawlong and two independent MDCs — Lambor Malngiang and Latiplang Kharkongor.

The six MDCs had demanded the CEM to convene the meeting of the UDA to clarify on the special assistance grant awarded by the Centre. The MDCs had given the CEM one-week deadline to convene the meeting which ended on Tuesday. After there was no response from the CEM, the six MDCs yesterday decided to submit the letter to withdraw support from the UDA.

While talking to reporters, Malngiang said that they have been forced to take this drastic steps since the CEM was not paying any heed to the demand of the MDCs to convene the meeting of the UDA.

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“We want some clarity on the Rs 52 crore which was received from the Centre as special assistance grants. We know that only Rs 32 crore have been released so far. But we want to know about the plan of the EC to utilize the balance amount of Rs 28 crore,” the independent MDC said.

When asked if the Congress is behind this move, he said that the Congress has nothing to do with this move to withdraw support.

To a question if the CEM should resign since the EC has been reduced to a minority, he said that they are not demanding his resignation stating “let the CEM decide on his own.”

“As a practice, the CEM should resign since he has lost the majority,” Malngiang said.

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Meanwhile, the CEM said that it is really sad since he had already acknowledged their demand by calling for the UDA meeting today. “The one-week deadline ended on April 30. I had sent a letter to all the MDCs of the UDA informing about the meeting on Tuesday. But to my surprise, the six MDCs submitted the letter of withdrawing of support,” he said.

According to CEM, the MDCs are demanding to increase the amount earmarked to each from the special assistance grant. “We had earmarked Rs 50 for each MDCs. But the MDCs demanded to increase the amount,” he added.



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