SHILLONG | Nov 08: 

The Khasi Student’s Union (KSU) on Thursday reiterated their stand on the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and asserted that they will not accept the contentious bill.

“Since the JPC came to state, we have very clearly stated that we won’t accept the CAB. Our stand and message is very clear. We will not accept it,” said KSU president Lambok Marngar.

It may be mentioned that the Home Minister, Amit Shah had recently stated that the centre will initiate a consultation with the stakeholders on the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).

However, the KSU is “unimpressed” with the move of the union ministry to hold consultation before tabling the bill in the Parliament.


“Even if consultation takes place our stand and message is very clear,” Marngar said while questioning the intention of the government to reintroduce the bill “when the voice of the people of Northeast is quite clear.”

“Why is the central government so aggressive to introduce the Citizen Amendment Bill since people of North East have totally opposed it. It is a clear message that it is a total disregard to the sentiments of the people of the NE,” said the KSU president.

Informing that the NESO, in its meeting held recently, had decided to start its agitational programme to oppose the CAB from 18th of this month, Marngar said, “Meeting of NESO was held last month and we will continue to oppose; the agitation will start on November 18 in the Northeast as a mark of protest and we won’t accept it by any means”.


Stating that the Government of India is of the intention to reintroduce the Bill in the Lok Sabha, the KSU president said, “If the central government by force passes the bill in the Lok and the Rajya Sabha that’s a totally clear message that they don’t consider people of NE as citizen of India”.

“As a student organisation, win or lose, it does not matter but we will continue to oppose the bill tooth and nail,” he added.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma had recently apprised the Union Home Minister on the need for proper consultation and to engage with stakeholders to solicit opinions on CAB.


According to Sangma, the Home Minister expressed his willingness to meet all stakeholders to discuss and garner views on the subject and had asked the state government to initiate steps to coordinate with the Centre in this regard.

“The State government, I think, will have the same stand and if the BJP government passes the bill by force in upper and lower house, it will not only be the central leadership who will take responsibility but the state leaders of the BJP will also take responsibility. We will see what happens in the near future,” he added.


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