LETTERS | Aug 15, 2018: 

To the Editor, 


The issue revolving the Khasi Lineage Bill 2018 is selling like hot cakes in Meghalaya at present and my take on the bill is that it will “ultimately” die a natural legal death.

The Khasi Lineage Amendment Bill 2018 is a subtle endeavour of the KHADC to dilute and nullify the Khasi matrilineal system.

In the matrilineal system, the mother/woman remains constant and since the line passes to her children, they remain constant. So, how does she (or her children) lose her (their) Khasi Tribal status by marrying someone from outside the tribe?

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That would be true if the Khasi lineage system was patrilineal!

It is hoped that people are alert to this fact and not fall for the Council’s devious methods. The Supreme Court recently had passed judgements which were favourable and beneficial to tribal women and her children who follow the patrilineal system!

The KHADC’s bill would fail any legal challenge. Period.

(Name withheld by request) 


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