LETTERS | Feb 04, 2019:


In respect to the recent report on question paper leak of the ongoing Meghalaya Teachers’ Eligibility Test (MTET), I must say I am sympathetic to the plight of those innocent and genuine candidates have worked tirelessly.

Those who have worked hard will bear the brunt of this lapse and this criminal offence. This is real torture to all those genuine candidates.

The culprits should be punished as soon as possible for playing with the psychology of honest candidates. People responsible for the leak of paper should suffer, not the innocent candidates.

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I feel that conducting a re-examination is very unfair. This is pathetic because it not our fault, its the fault of our system. Literally I don’t understand why the education department is so incompetence!!!

I also have a few questions for the authorities:

Why are those candidates, who fail to secure 50 percent in Higher Secondary allowed to apply? Shouldn’t it be made mandatory for the candidates to secure at least 50 percent for LP teachers, be it in their bachelor degree or master degree or PhD because we are talking about the future of the students here.

Most of the candidates have bought their D.El.Ed. ongoing certificates from different money business institutions without having to even appear in their exams & who do not even know the meaning of “Pedagogy”.

Why couldn’t our officers reject those applicants? If you really think that 2 and 1/2 hours of exam for such candidates is enough to consider them as eligible for becoming a teacher then why is the government running a 2-year course of DIET and B.Ed training?

Shut down all these institutions and stop harassing and put mental pressure on all our honest and innocent trainees.


Jane Alom Khan


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