TURA | May 19, 2019:

In a new twist to the Lokayukta Case, the contractor under whose name various contracts were taken up in the Asanang constituency in West Garo Hills, Nikseng A Sangma, has stated that he was completely unaware of any contract under his name coming from the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC).

The clarification comes in the wake of the first Lokayukta case filed against MDC Ismail Marak and the two contractors, Nikseng and another Kubon Sangma, for misappropriation of funds in the name of ghost contracts under the Excluded Areas grant to the GHADC for 2017-18.

The case seeking investigation was filed by one Nilbath Ch Marak.

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“I want to state that I have never applied for any contract under GHADC. I was asked for my photo and my professional tax papers by the MDC which I gave. I had no idea as to what happened after and only came to know about the misappropriation once the news came out in the media,” clarified Nikseng.

Nikseng added that he had no clue as to where the works were executed and had not seen the tender papers or even applied for it. Neither have I seen the work orders so there is no question of me even working on any of the projects under the scheme,” he added.

The contractor in question, immediately after being aware of what happened has filed a FIR at the Tura PS on May 6 over the allegations. In the FIR, he has further stated that the name in which the contract was taken out was not even his.

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“The name that appears on the work order is one Nikseng Ch Sangma where as I am Nikseng A Sangma. Someone has forged the documentation and withdrawn money through falsely signing the documents. Even the signature used to receive the work order is not mine. I have no hand in any of it,” he added.

He also added that there was no other person by the name of Nikseng Ch Sangma in Asanang or even another Nikseng Sangma.

“This is a really sad time for us. We were the ones who helped him to become an MDC in the hope that he would help bring development to our area. He is an ex MLA and we had high hopes from him but now he wants to send us to jail through such acts. I am shocked at what happened,” added an emotional Nikseng.

Questioning into the case is currently on with investigating agencies looking at all aspects of how the money has been utilized.



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