TURA | May 01, 2019:

After molestation charges were slapped against him, a computer trainer working identified as Dipankar Bhattacharjee hailing from Tura fled town for Shillong on the pretext of a medical check for mental illness.

A molestation charge was filed against him by two women trainees. Bhattacharjee is a computer trainer working on a central government training program under PMVKY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana) including tailoring, computer based learning etc.

He allegedly molested the two women after locking them in a room on the excuse of performing a medical check – something he had no authority to undertake.

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The complaint by the two women was filed on April 29, late evening at the Tura Women’s PS.

“While we were in class, the said teacher, Bhattacharjee, called us for a physical examination. He locked us in one room and started to use abusive language against us. He began to touch us inappropriately but when we protested and shouted, he allowed us to go but not before threatening us not to disclose the incident,” said the complainants.

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Apparently this is not the first time that Bhattacharjee has allegedly molested women who came for the training. Most of those physically abused have chosen to remain silent due to the social stigma attached. A person related to one of the victims stated that Bhattacharjee had even made his relative strip and took her photos, with the intention of blackmailing her. Some even went to the extent of going on social media to talk about the victimization.

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Confirming the receipt of the FIR, the SP of WGH, Dr MGR Kumar stated, “He has apparently gone to Shillong citing mental issues with an ambulance taking him there, but has not been admitted to any hospital yet. Apparently he has cited mental illness and we want to question him to find out. We will get him checked through a psychiatrist to ascertain it.”

Tura police had gone to the house of the accused yesterday, April 30, when they found that the accused was on his way to Shillong by then in an ambulance.



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