From Our Correspondent | Tura, Sep 29, 2018: 

One person suffered severe injuries after getting hit in the head with a sword when he allegedly went in to intervene in a case of assault being perpetrated by a group of people from within Fakirpara village under Mahendraganj in South West Garo Hills (SWGH).

While trying to stop the people from assaulting one Bhanu Modak, Anil Modak was hit with a sword on his head by one Rofiqul Miah (Kalu Master), who is a teacher. He received serious injuries to his head after which he was shifted to the Mahendraganj CHC for treatment.

Multiple FIRs were filed on the incident by the victim, another woman (Urmila Modak) as well as the original victim who was being thrashed by the group.

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According to the FIRs filed at Mahendraganj PS by them, the group of attackers included Rofiqul, Sahirul Islam, Monish Miah, Shakil Miah, two more people from Gugrakandi, Putul Begum (woman) and one Baccha Miah.

“I heard a huge commotion in the village at about 6 am this morning and rushed to see what was happening and found one Bhanu Modak being assaulted by the group. When I tried to protect Bhanu, Rofiqul hit me on the head from behind with a sword from which I began to bleed profusely, without any reason,” said the FIR by Anil Modak.

He also alleged the Rofiqul had been misbehaving with his wife for quite some time.

Urmila Modak accused Rofiqul of unsocial language used against her as well as physical abuse by him over the issue of falling leaves from the tree of Rofiqul’s house which she allegedly had to clean every day.

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The third FIR, which was filed by the mother of Bhanu Modak stated that her son was returning from his morning walk at around 6:30 am when he was attacked with lathis by the group of people named above. She also alleged that two persons from Gugrakandi were hired by the teacher to attack her son. Bhanu too is currently under medical care.

Downplaying the incident, the SP of SWGH, Bobby Momin said, “It is apparently a case of two neighbours fighting over the issue of waste being thrown in front of their house (who are neighbours). The issue led to a huge argument and later to a physical fight in which the two above named were injured. 3 FIRs have been filed and the matter is under investigation.”

The SP also stated that the injured were out of danger while the assaulting party is currently on the run.



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