By Our Reporter, Shillong News | Shillong, Feb 05, 2018:

It seems the BJP’s tactics to prevent former legislator, Manas Chaudhuri from leaving the party was unsuccessful as Chaudhuri was determined to contest the ensuing polls from South Shillong constituency, even if it means — quitting the BJP and possibly accepting Congress’s offer to fight from the party ticket.

Chaudhuri, who tendered his resignation to BJP state president, Shibun Lyngdoh here on Monday, went all out against his former party and revealed that he was offered MP Rajya Sabha post by the BJP top leadership in Delhi. 

The former legislator left the BJP after he was denied party ticket to contest the polls from South Shillong even after he claimed that the party had promised a party ticket since June last year. Last week, when the BJP released the 1st list of 45 candidates, former NCP state president, Sanbor Shullai, who recently joined the party, featured in the list as a party candidate for South Shillong.

“After denying me the party ticket, I was offered by the party leadership for the MP Rajya Sabha post. I was asked to meet party national president, Amit Shah to seal the MP Rajya post for me,” Chaudhuri told reporters after resigning from the BJP here on Monday.

He, however, said that he declined the offer since getting the MP Rajya Sabha post would mean a personal accomplishment for him.

“I would not have allegiance to the people if I am asked to be an MP of Rajya Sabha from other States like Rajasthan. How would I spend the MP scheme of Rs 5 crore every year in a State which I do not have a personal connect with the people,” Chaudhuri said.

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Furthermore, he stated that he does not want to leave Meghalaya and the people of the State. “I would want to serve the people of my own state at any capacity,” the former legislator said.

When asked if he regret leaving the Congress, he said that he decided to leave the Congress because he felt that for three years, he was doing nothing.

Chaudhuri said that when the former AICC general secretary in charge of Meghalaya, V. Narayanswamy had told the media that he would have a meeting with the Ministers, MLAs and former MLAs.

“I was hoping for a called from the party. But nobody called me. The party was not giving me any responsibilities.Ultimately, I came to a conclusion that I am no longer wanted by the party,” he said.

The former legislator said that Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma had wanted to offer him the post of the vice chairman in the Meghalaya Economic Development Council (MEDC).

“I had also declined this offer since this position of the vice chairman would not give me an opportunity to serve the people. I would only be misusing the government facilities provided to me,” Chaudhuri said.

When asked if he would join the Congress after the BJP had denied him the party ticket, Chaudhuri he will formally make an official announcement on the party he would contest only on Tuesday.

The former legislator revealed that he has received feelers from three political parties including the Congress, Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) and Republican Party of India.

He also said that he would first discuss with his supporters before taking a final decision.

When asked if he felt betrayed by the BJP, he said that it was only at the last minute that he was told that he will not be given the party ticket.

“I was assured for the party ticket by the BJP leadership at least on three occasions. Since June last year, I was asked by the party leadership to start preparing for the elections,” he said.

The former legislator said that the decision of the party to deny him the ticket has come as a shock to him.

“Now that I am out of the BJP, there are many people who have come to tell me that this could be a blessing in disguise. There are many people who have now come forward to support me,” Chaudhuri added.



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