SHILLONG | April 12, 2019:

The largest constituency in the state — Mawlai witnessed the least voter turnout for the April 11 Lok Sabha polls in Shillong parliamentary constituency.

According to the latest figure provided by the State Election Department, the turnout in Mawlai was only 59.32 percent with 56.25 male voters and 61.92 female voters casting their votes in this constituency.

However, this figure marked an increase of over 6 percent as compared to the 2014 MP elections.

Meanwhile, the highest voter turnout was reported in Sutnga-Shangpung with 74.26 percent.

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According to the State Chief Electoral Officer, FR Kharkongor, the Shillong Parliamentary constituency recorded a voting percentage of  65.49 percent while Tura Parliamentary constituency recorded a healthy 81.20 percent.

The CEO further informed that the Lok Sabha polls between 2014 and 2018 witnessed an overall increase of 2.53 percent in the voter turn-out.

Out of the total 19, 14, 795 registered voters in Meghalaya, he said that a total number of 13, 64, 259 electorates came out to vote adding that the turn out of female electorates is higher compared to male electorates.

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In both the seatsm women voters came out in large number and their voting percentage was 68.71 as compared to 62.13 percent in 2014 for the Shillong seat. Similarly, in Tura, women voters outnumbered their male counterpart and their overall percentage was 82.42 and the male voters was 80.21.

Out of the 13, 64, 259 who voted, 6, 53, 178 were males and 7, 11, 081 were females. The state has 9, 65, 174 female and 9, 49, 621 male registered electorates.



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