From Our Correspondent | TURA, July 30, 2018

A student from Garo Hills missed out on better marks and a better college after it was revealed that he was given less marks than what he deserved by the invigilators.

The matter came to light after the family filed a request for a recheck and found the anomalies.

The family also contended that they may not be the only ones who faced the problem, though due to others already joining various colleges, they have not been able to pursue the matter further.

It was discovered after the recheck that the boy was very close to getting a top 20 ranking. The person holding the 20th position secured 550 marks while he, after correction, secured 531.

Md Enamul Hoque, a student of Bhaitbari HS School, was initially surprised at only having got a total of 513 out of 600 marks. He had secured 94 in Assamese, 92 in Maths, 97 in Science and 96 in Health Education. However the surprise was in English where he only got 72 and very surprisingly in Social Studies where got only 62.

“He said he had done better than that and we were all surprised. We therefore sought a re-evaluation and even got his answer sheet. We got the same evaluated through many teachers from the plain belt who felt that he was given at least 25 marks less than what he should have got. Upon re-evaluation, they added another 16 marks for social studies and 2 marks in English, leaving him with a total of 531 (88.5%),” said his elder brother, Ershad Hussain.

The family is still unhappy as they contend that if Enamul had got the marks that he deserved, he would have added more glory to his school and the region.

“He is currently studying in Ramanujan College in Nagaon after missing out on admission for Cotton College for a few marks. He was extremely disappointed as he wanted to be in Cotton and if he was given the marks he was due, he would have,” the brother added.

The family of Enamul felt that the way the entire process of evaluation has gone leaves a lot to be desired as there could be many who face similar situations due to the laziness of some invigilators.

“They are risking the lives of students due to their carelessness. MBOSE needs to come up with better methods to ensure children are not affected due to the negligence of a few,” they added.



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