TURA | Nov 08, 2019:

Making headlines again and for the wrong reasons, the MDC of Balachanda, Sofiur Rehman landed in trouble yet again after a resident of West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya filed an FIR against him for rash driving which almost cost the complainant.

According to the FIR, Rehman almost ran over the person near the Bhaitbari PHC under Phulbari PS in West Garo Hills. The FIR was filed at the Rajabala Outpost under Phulbari PS.

The incident comes in the wake of the MDC facing allegations of interference in a raid on illegal saw mills conducted by the forest department of GHADC, of which he is a member.

According to the FIR filed by one Nur Kalam Kazi, the incident took place at around 5 pm yesterday, Nov 7 on the AMPT road near the Bhaitbari PHC.


According to the complainant, Sofiur was driving rashly in his Mercedes car with temporary registration from Rajabala to Phulbari when he almost ran over the complainant.

The complainant in the matter called the near accident as pre-planned.

“I threw myself to the side of the road and rolled over as he almost him me with his car. The MDC thinks that I am the one who reported the matter of the saw mills at Phersakandi where the MDC quarrelled with the GHADC officials. On that suspicion he attempted to murder me and show it as an accident,” said the complainant who sought action against the MDC.

The victim added that he was walking by the side of the road when the MDC tried to run him over and it was only his alertness that saved him from death.

“He didn’t even stop to look back and see if I was okay but drove straight to Guwahati,” alleged Kalam.


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