From Our Correspondent | Tura, Oct 07, 2018: 

The MeECL has made headlines yet again and for all the bad reasons.

The Corporation has been alleged of negligence and laziness by the residents of West Garo Hills following its failure to clear a dead branch of a tree, which was cut by the MeECL, despite the overhanging branch lying right on top of high tension wires of the department.

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“The MeECL had cleared some branches near the Parade Ground more than 45 days ago and cleared all of it except this one. The branch is dangerously above HT wires and if God forbid, something happens, a whole lot of people will be in danger,” said a local resident who lives close by.

The tree in question falls within the premises of the Tura Police Parade Ground with many overhanging wires just under it.

The area (Beldarpara) has very narrow lanes and also some schools nearby. It is one of the busier areas of the town which extends the risks posed. Furthermore, cars are always parked by the side of the road narrowing it and making it worse in the case of emergencies.

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The deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills (WGH), Ram Singh was also informed on the matter; however, he was misinformed that the branch had been cleared apparently by the staff of the Tura Municipal Board.

“They did clear the other branches but must have mistakenly left this one out there. We understand it is human error but the gravity of the situation should have prompted them to act immediately after being informed. Don’t know if they are actually waiting for an accident to happen before they act,” added another resident.

Apparently a source from MeECL stated that a site visit was done and realizing the danger posed, a team had even gone to clear the branch. However, they were unable to reach the branch and thus could not clear the dead branch due to the height of the tree.

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Another attempt to clear the branch is expected to be made again though until that is done people will have to live with the danger of electrocution should the branch fall on the underlying wires.

“The branch is very delicately balanced and even a strong gust of wind is likely to bring it down. Let’s hope nothing happens and the department (MeECL) takes care of the problem before something untoward happens,” added another resident.



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