From Our Correspondent | October 14, 2018

In what may be termed as yet another case of moral policing caused by spread of rumours, two unidentified men from Assam, who had allegedly entered the village of Chimechamgre in South West Garo Hills (SWGH) on the nigh of October 13 were allegedly beaten up after being mistaken for thieves.


The incident, which took place last evening, led to social media going overboard once again with some users even going to the extent of rumoruing that a communal clash was on and houses were being burnt near the village of Damalgre which also happens to be a PS.

SWGH has been tense due to forays made into Indian territory, by criminal gangs from Bangladesh, with three such cases reported recently. The situation has led to Village Defense Party (VDP’s) taking up round the clock watch to stop such groups.

According to police reports, the two men had entered the village late night and their movements alerted the villagers, who firstly caught them and then beat them up. The beating left one of the victims with a fractured leg. Both the victims were later handed over to the police and then taken to Tura for medical care.

“We are still not aware of why they entered the village so late at night as we are unable to question them as they are still being treated. No case has been filed in the matter,” said SP of SWGH, Bobby Momin.

Downplaying reports that appeared in social media, the SP said that the situation was normal and it was only a case of mistaken identity.


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