TURA | JAN 15, 2020:

The A’chik Border Association (ABA) on Tuesday met Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma and had submitted its wish-list for the upliftment of the people residing in the border areas of Assam near Dainadubi.

During an event held in Sambrak in North Garo Hills, the ABA members had met CM Conrad Sangma.

The NGO members sought a hanging bridge between the villages of Kasumari and Nameram as a lack of a connecting bridge was making life extremely hard for school children. They also sought an RCC bridge between Kentra and Dainadubi while also asking for an open air mini stadium at Bangsi Apal.

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Further in an effort to protect the villages close to the river Manda, the NGO sought a boulder sausage along Nogolpara to the bordering village of Kasumari in Assam.

“We also want a ‘Nokpante’ to be set up in the Dainadubi area as well as the completion of construction of the Late PA Sangma Memorial College in our area at the earliest,” added the ABA.


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