TURA | September 14, 2019:

Keeping in view to the safety of people, social activist Rupa M Marak had questioned the authorities of MeECl regarding the quality of electric polls.

According to the activist, on August 10, the post of an under construction 33 KV power line to Dadenggre was seen to be broken and bent in the upper sections in the village of Chibonggre in West Garo Hills (WGH).

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Some concerned youths took the matter to the notice of the concerned authorities and it was replaced.

“When we enquired about the cause of the incident, people who replaced the post told us that on August 9 at about 5:30 PM a car collided with the post resulting in the damage. This is shocking! How can a post be broken and bent at the uppermost portion when a car collided at the lowest portion of the post,” asked Rupa.

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The activist stated that the explanation was hard to digest as the post should have been damaged where it was hit.

“This incident has raised concerns in the minds of people. The quality of the post seems to have been compromised. If the posts were of good and of prescribed quality it would not have been broken or bent at the upper portion but where it had been hit. This clearly shows the low quality standards of the post,” he added.

The activist further alleged that the work seemed to not have been done properly as in the past too people have seen posts fall near Dadenggre only after a month of it being erected and that too when there was no inclement weather.

“The contractor asked the labourers to quickly re-erect the post to cover up the issue of incompetent work. The groundwork seems to have not been done properly resulting in it falling. This will put public life at danger in future and is very serious in nature,” he alleged.

The activist has asked for quality to be maintained in the construction of poles with the ground being dug properly to ensure lives were not endangered.

“We’ll be meeting the concerned authority shortly to highlight this and will not let the contractor to carry his work if our demand is not taken into consideration,” threatened the activist.




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