TURA | NOV 24, 2019:

With continuous plying of overloaded boulder truck illegally through districts of SWGH, the infuriated residents on Friday held a protest which was joined by Boldamgre MDC, Stevie Marak, who himself has been vehemently protesting the movement of such trucks.

A memorandum has also been submitted seeking an end to the transport of boulder trucks to neighbouring Bangladesh. Trucks have been plying through the SH-12 for close to 6 months, with complaints by the NGOs, Nokmas, women’s groups as well as leaders making no headway with the administration.

The situation is now expected to get even worse with the West Garo Hills (WGH) deputy commissioner, Ram Singh, in a very surprising move, allowing the transport of boulder trucks from Bhutan on the dilapidated AMPT road and expectedly through SWGH for export to Bangladesh.

The protest rally held yesterday took place in the town of Ampati, the district headquarter of SWGH and saw the participation over hundreds of local residents.

The rally was followed by a meeting chaired by one Robellson Marak where in the protestors pledged to continue the fight to stop the illegally moving boulder trucks through the district into Bangladesh.

“We condemn the stone exporters who have continued to export boulders from elsewhere to Bangladesh beyond the allowed 9 metric tonnes. Further if this illegality continues, we will be taking other course of action to ensure it stops,” said the resolution submitted by the protestors.

They further pointed to the movement of boulder trucks through the night, which in itself in against the law as per the Indian Forest Act.

“We unanimously decided to condemn this act of overloaded trucks plying through and urge the DC to direct the departments to take necessary legal action against these violators. We will not silent spectators to what is happening,” said MDC Stevie Marak.

“The situation created by these trucks is causing a huge impediment to students and the general public. School buses are unable to move due to the parking of these trucks on the already narrow road. Action needs to be taken on the matter,” said local leader, Promod Koch.

The protestors also asked the DC to order the concerned department to repair the damage done to the road by the plying, overloaded trucks.


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