Shillong, January 8, 2017

Several parts of Meghalaya on Sunday witnessed a drop in temperature that ranged from 1 to 3 degrees during the night time. But what mattered is not the drop in temperature but the onset of frost that added to the scenic beauty of the place the next day. Many Social media users were left in awe by the frost filled scenic beauty that seemed to confirm the beauty of the abode of clouds. Social media was full of posts from people sharing pictures of the frost thereby giving enough reasons to people why they should visit the state.

Below are pictures by Mr. Kailash Varma of a frosty morning in Shillong, Mylliem and Laitlyngkot

















And, if the above does not give you a reason to visit Meghalaya, there may be more in the days to come. So pin your hopes to the place, keep calm and visit Meghalaya!

Image Courtesy: Kailash Varma’s Facebook post


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