Tura | April 28, 2019

Former chairman of Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) who is currently chairman of the NGO, Achik Holistic Awakening Movement (AHAM), Champion Sangma, today rebuffed allegations of extortion made by president of the Association of Democracy and Empowerment (ADE), Dalseng B Ch Momin, asking for the latter to prove the allegations.


The rebuttal comes in the wake of allegations made by the chairman of AHAM, Champion Sangma and the ADE president on the issue of extortion demands from Bangladesh bound Bhutan stone trucks which led to two FIRs being lodged – one by AHAM and one by the manager of the stone company against AHAM members.


“The clarification by Dalseng is nothing but a case of inferiority complex and he needs psychiatric treatment. It is just to white wash their dirty activities in the name of the so called bogus NGO, ADE,” said Champion.

The AHAM chairman further asked the ADE president to prove his assumptions of extortion in Court.

“I would be glad if he could prove his allegations and I would dare say he has little taste in legal aspects. I found arrogance in the accusations and stupidity,” stated Champion in his press release.


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