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TNT News | Shillong, Feb 24, 2018

As the campaigning reaches a new high with just a day left for the same, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju visited Shillong today to campaign for the BJP. During his visit, Kiren Rijiju said that the Congress party is trying to create a false propaganda that the BJP is a ‘communal party’ and ‘anti-Christian” only to hide its failure.

‘It is painful to see that the Congress party is trying to hide its failure under the garb of spreading false propaganda. This is the most unfortunate thing which cannot be tolerated,” Rijiju told newsmen here today.

He also said that the Congress is also trying to project BJP as a the Hindu force adding to it the fact that religion and politics are two different things.

“We have to understand that the native of Meghalaya will look after the affairs of the State. The MLAs, Ministers and Chief Minister will be people from the state. Therefore, the question of imposition is totally undeniable and totally unacceptable,” Union Minister of State for Home Affairs said.

He said that the people of Meghalaya need special assistance and special care and also priorities on the development of the State adding that it is only the BJP who can provide all these things.

“BJP is the only force of all concerned in Meghalaya and the people of Northeast. We are going to fulfill the promises and all commitments in our manifesto,” Rijiju said.

He said that in the past, the elections were fought in areas where BJP elections was limited adding that this election is a defining election for the entire Northeast.

On its failure to enter into alliance with the NPP, Rijiju said that any political party enters the political battle with the objective to win and serve the people.

“We are contesting from 47 seats. BJP is trying to win as many seats as possible so that we can provide a stable govt. Coalition and other issues are post election matters which cannot be discussed until the electoral process is over,” he said.

Meanwhile, he said that the BJP is going to form the Government in Tripura with absolute majority adding that the BJP is fighting the election in Nagaland in coalition with the NDPP.

“We are in absolutely an comfortable position in Nagaland. We are going to form the Government,” Union Minister of State for Home Affairs said.
When asked if the BJP Government at the Centre will continue to provide financial assistance in Meghalaya if it failed to form the Government, he said that India is a federal structure and there is no discrimination as to which party is ruling in the State.

“But if the BJP rules the State it will enhance the quality of governance. When BJP forms the Government then the entire project and support given by the Centre gets immediate and effectively implemented. We don’t discriminate on the basis of political alliance,” Rijiju added.



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