TURA | NOV 5, 2019:

East Garo Hills (EGH) police are still clueless about the gang of dacoits, who looted at least 7-8 passenger vehicles at NH-62 near Dobu Agalgre and are on look out for the 7 armed suspects.

The incident took place on Sunday morning at around 7 AM when a gang of armed criminals looted at least seven to eight passengers vehicle and its occupants near Dobu Agalgre under Rongjeng PS in East Garo Hills. The 7 suspects later fled through the jungles near Tasek Lake on the route to Songsak were apparently heavily armed with 2 AKs and 2 pistols and looted money, valuables and mobile phones of the passengers coming and going out from the district of EGH. One passenger was even looted of Rs 1.3 lakhs during the incident.

“We have a few suspects that could be behind the episode though we have not been able to catch them. All of them are currently out of their houses. Our search is continuing,” confirmed superintendent of police, EGH, Ringrang TG Momin.

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Local sources stated that since the past few months there were many smaller dacoity cases in and around the Dobu – Songsak areas though not much of it has been reported.

Reacting on the information, the SP said that they were aware of such build ups and continuous efforts have been made to nab these criminals before they can actually cause harm.

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“There were many roads cleared by our patrolling teams after suspected dacoits planted logs and rocks on the road. We are continuing our efforts. The area is dacoity prone and this is not the first such incident that took place,” he added.

Earlier while coal movement was normal, there were several reported cases of dacoities along the same route. The number of such cases in recent years has however spiraled down.



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