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16.18 (IST)

Here is the final tally:

NPP – 19, INC – 21, BJP- 2, UDP- 6, Ind – 3, PDF- 4, HSPDP – 2, NCP – 1, KHNAM- 1

15.16 (IST)

Major developments has emerged from today’s results. While INC has won in 20 seats, NPP has won 19 seats, BJP has won 2, UDP sealed their victory in 6, PDF won in 3, independent candidates won in 3 seats and HSPDP won in 2 and KHNAM won in 1 seat. While in Nongpoh, INC is leading and in Umsning, PDF is leading.

13.47 (IST)

It was a close battle between BJP’s AL Hek and PDF’s James Ban Basaiawmoit but as predicted, Hek retained Pynthorumkhrah constituency.

13.33 (IST)

Meanwhile in Khliehriat constituency, UDP candidate Kyrmen Shylla is winning. He has secured 20285 votes while BJP’s Justine Dkhar got 12104 votes.

13.23 (IST)

In Nongthymmai constituency, INC candidate and former speaker, Charles Pyngrope is winning leaving behind sitting MLA, UDP’s Dr Jemino Mawthoh behind.

12.52 (IST)

From Mookaiaw, Nujorki Sungoh of the UDP has been declared winner while in Nartiang, NPP’s Sniawbhalang Dhar defeated INC’s Jopthiaw Lyngdoh. Meanwhile, in Chokpot Lazarus Sangma of the INC has been declared winner.

12.35 (IST)

12.35 (IST)

In yet another shocking turn of event, in West Shillong, UDP’s Paul Lyngdoh has been defeated by INC’s Mohindro Rapsang.  Meanwhile, in Mawsynram, former bureaucrat and INC candidate HM Shangpliang has defeated PDF’s PN Syiem to emerge victorious.

12.23 (IST)

In Nongstoin, sitting MLA HSPDP’s Diosstarness Jyndiang was defeated by Macmillan Byrsat of NPP, in Rambrai Jyrngam, Kimfa Sidney Marbaniang of INC tasted victory by defeated KP Pangniang of HSPDP and in Mawshynrut, NPP candidate Gigur Myrthong won by defeating Witting Mawsor of HSPDP.

12.15 (IST)

Also in Mawphlang constituency, Independent candidate and former Chief Engineer of PHE, SK Sunn tasted victory in his maiden election battle by defeating INC’s Kennedy Khyriem.

12.00 (IST)

In Ranikor, INC’s MM Danggo secured victory by defeating Pius Marwein of the UDP. Also in Mawkyrwat, veteren politician Rowell Lyngdoh of the NPP has suffered a major loss and the constituency got its new representative in Renikton Lyngdoh.

11.50 (IST)

Nothing can beat the Chief Minister! Chief Minister and INC candidate from Songsak and Ampati is winning in both seats while his wife Dikkanchi D Shira also INC candidate is winning in Mahendraganj.

11.44 (IST)

In a shocking turn of events, veteren INC politician and Home Minister HDR Lyngdoh has lost to Samlin Malngiang of the HSPDP. On the other hand, in North Shillong, KHNAM’s Adelbert Nongrum has finally won his first battle after trying for almost 10 years now.

Meanwhile, in Nongkrem, reports are in that sitting MLA, Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit from HSPDP is losing to independent candidate, Lambor Malngiang.

1.34 (IST)

In North Shillong, KHNAM candidate Adelbert Nongrum is leading leaving behind BJP’s JA Lyngdoh and INC’s HW Syngkon.

11.16 (IST)

In Pynthorumkhrah constituency, BJP’s AL Hek has overtaken PDF’s James Basaiawmoit and s currently leading.

11.14 (IST)

BJP leads in Congress’s bastion — North Shillong. BJP’s JA Lyngdoh has secured 4810 votes so far, Congress’ W. Humphrey D. Syngkon stands at  3935 and KHNAM’s Adelbert Nongrum at 3042.

11.00 (IST)

INC’s Ampareen Lyngdoh declared winner in East Shillong. She has secured 10368 votes. She defeated major players like BJP’s Antonio War and UDP’s Bindo Ma Lanong.

10.44 (IST)

In Mawlai constituency, UDP’s Embhahlang Syiemlieh is leading followed by INC’s PT Sawkmie.

10.35 (IST)

INC is still leading in 18 seats followed by NPP which is leading in 10 seats. UDP in 6 seats, PDF and independent leads in 3 seats respectively, BJP in 2 and HSPDP in one seat.

10.20 (IST)

In West Shillong constituency, there seems to be a turn in the tides as INC’s Mohindro Rapsang is taking over the first position and is leading in the UDP bastion. Rapsang is at 7000 plus while UDP’s Paul Lyngdoh is at 6500 plus, so far.

10.15 (IST)

Interestingly, in Nongkrem constituency which is the stronghold of HSPDP, its candidate and sitting MLA Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit is trailing behind Lambor Malngiang an independent candidate. Lam has secured 3362 votes while Ardent is at 1912 so far.

Meanwhile, in South Tura, Billykid A. Sangma of the BJP is leading ahead leaving behind former MP and NPP candidate Agatha K Sangma.

10.00 (IST)

In East Shillong, INC’s M Ampareen Lyngdoh is leading securing 4900 votes so far, BJP’s Antonio war has received 2185 votes so far. In West Shillong, UDP’s Paul Lyngdoh is leading by a couple of hundred votes against INC’s Mohindro Rapsang.

9.54 (IST)

INC is still leading in 11 seats, BJP in two seats, NPP in 4 seats, UDP and PDF in 3 seats respectively, Independent in 2 seats and HSPDP in one seat.

9.48 (IST)

As the counting continues, INC is leading in 8 seats followed by NPP in 4 seats, UDP in 3 seats while BJP, PDF, HSPDP and independent is leading in one seat respectively.

9.40 (IST)

9.35 (IST)

Source: ECI
Source: ECI

08.00 (IST): Counting begins at all the district headquarters and two civil sub divisions in the state.



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