From Our Correspondent | July 15, 2018

Tura: With rains arriving in plenty, the season of swimming pools on the AMPT road that connects the entire plain belt of Tura with Assam is also here. The road has been one of the worst kept secret of cases of bad road and ranks along with the Tura – Baghmara road (NH – 62) as the worst roads in the Garo Hills region.

One section of the road in question is currently under repair though the quality of repair may just leave many disappointed as the amount sanctioned for the repair is not going to be enough given the damage the road has already taken.

“There should have been more money sanctioned and will hopefully be soon. The road needs some serious repairs to be usable once again. The original contractors should be ashamed of the amount of pain that we have had to go through to use the road,” said Phulbari resident, TA Sangma.

Most of the road is still dotted with huge potholes – the size of swimming pools leading to many residents referring to the road as such.

“That will take a lot of time to make up and we are hoping that it is done well and not like the last time. We will be keeping a tab on repairs this time to ensure it is done as per the estimate. This road has been a killer,” said one A Hoque from Chibinang.

AMPT road starts from the border with Assam at a place called Sign Board and goes through 130 kms before reaching the town of Tura. The entire stretch has been the bane of people travelling through the road on a daily basis. The entire trip will take at least 6-7 hours to complete due to the horrible nature of the road.

“I cannot imagine how people travel through this road on a daily basis. Are they able to sleep at night as one day of travel has given a stiff back pain,” said a driver from Assam who completed a trip to Phulbari and lived to tell the tale.


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