TURA | December 2, 2019:

A case of moral policing has reared its ugly head again with the modesty of a woman being outraged, by three residents of Assam when she along with a male friend went to a village near Dudnoi under Goalpara in Assam.

The woman, reportedly from North Garo Hills, was stripped while her male friend was beaten up with sticks injuring him severely. He is currently undergoing treatment.

The case of molestation came to light after a viral video of the incident was circulated on social media leading to outrage from the local community on the incident.

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In the video, a group of men from Assam allegedly question the couple on why they came to the place before one of the group asks the rest to strip the girl. The girl while being stripped was groped by at least 3 of the perpetrators, with her friend trying his best to protect her. However he suffered a worse fate as he too was stripped before being beaten with sticks.

The incident apparently took place a few days ago under the jurisdiction of Dudhnoi PS in Assam.

This morning, a copy of the video in circulation was forwarded to the SP of NGH as the girl in the video stated she was from the district.

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Acting on the information, the superintendent of police, NGH, Dr Sacheng Marak informed the NGH DCPO on the matter and sought action to be taken.

“We are trying to find the girl who has been the victim of this atrocious act. In the meantime, the DCPO is currently going to file a complaint with the Dudhnoi PS on the matter and seek very strong action against the perpetrators,” said Dr Marak.

Meanwhile disgusted at the act that outraged the modesty of the girl, GSU Mindikgre unit president, Greneth Sangma has sought for the harshest punishment to the criminals responsible for the act.

“This is sick and needs condemnation from all sections. Who gave them the authority to strip a woman and then take videos and who gave them the right to molest her? These kind of crimes have to be taken very seriously and the guilty punished for what they have done,” said Greneth.


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