Shillong News | SHILLONG, September 13, 2018

Governor Tathagata Roy will take up the pressing issues faced by SSA teachers in the state in regards to irregular salary with the state and the central governments.

The governor assured this after the All Meghalaya SSA School Teachers’ Association (AMSSASTA) sought Roy’s intervention.

The association urged the governor to ensure that salaries are paid through e-transfer as it is easier and more accessible.

General secretary of the association Defender Lamare, on Wednesday said, “The governor was shocked to hear that the salary for the last five months had not been released and we informed him of the pending eight months’ arrears.”

“We also informed him that we will not accept the recapping of Project Approval Board.
In case of recapping, the state government should fill up the gap to ensure we receive our salary as it was,” he further said.

“The governor said he would be able to discuss the matter with the state and the central governments,” Lamare said.



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