SHILLONG | August 8, 2019:

Urban Affairs Minister of Meghalaya, Hamletson Dohling on Wednesday informed that there are two to three parties who have offered the state Government with their land for development of new sanitary landfill site.

Dohling said, “the Government requires land for development of the new sanitary landfill site. But we have now decided to adopt a new strategy to select the land for the landfill site since we had bitter experience of people opposing the project after being finalized”.

He said that people who are willingly offering land for the development of landfill site should come with proper land documents, No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Dorbar Shnong of the concern village and also of the adjoining villages where the landfill site will be set up.

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“We will not entertain any parties who do not have the valid land documents and the NOCs. We have decided not to pursue on the site which had been selected earlier if there has been any kind of opposition. We do not waste any time since the life span of the landfill site at Marten in Mawlai Mawiong is almost over. We will allot the project to land owners or villages who are offering the land on the first come first serve basis,” he said.

When asked that people are opposing to the project after seeing the condition of Marten, Dohling said that he would like to assure that the new landfill site will not become another Marten.

“We may recall in the earlier years, the dumping ground at Marten does not produce any foul smell. Stench and smoke starts to emanate only after the number garbages which is being dumped at Marten has increase with the coming of new localities within the Shillong conglomeration,” he added.

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He, however said that with the adoption of the new technology, the garbages which is dumped will be converted from the natural decomposition of organic material.

“The solid waste is a source of renewable energy for power generation. The production of renewable energy can become a major source of renewable energy production in the new landfill site,” Dohling said.

It may be mentioned that the demand to shift the landfill from Marten has been long pending, as it is reaching a saturation state keeping in mind that it was in use since 1938.

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Recently, the Poor People’s Movement (PPM) along with the Seng Longkmie of Umlaitteng village had strongly opposed to the proposal of the State Government to shift the Marten dumping ground at Mawlai Mawiong to Ri-Bhoi district.

It may be mentioned that this is not the first time that the proposal to shift the dumping ground was being opposed. Earlier, the Government had to abandon its plan to shift the dumping ground to Umsawli under New Shillong Township due to opposition by the people.



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