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Tura, Apr 22, 2018

For Krinilla the past few months, after the murder of her husband and MLA contestant from Williamnagar, Jonathone N Sangma, have been the hardest and most trying in her entire life. Overnight, after her husband’s murder, life turned upside down.

Late Jonathone Sangma was one of the front runners for the Williamnagar seat before he was killed in an IED blast allegedly triggered by the GNLA. His demise led to the postponement of polls to the constituency which goes to vote this April 27. The results will be declared on May 1.

“He was a bundle of energy and a giver. He wanted to change the situation in Williamnagar to where people got what they deserved instead of doles. He wanted to empower the people of the constituency – the same people who he loved and died for. His incomplete dreams for them will be my guiding light,” said Krinilla.

The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) candidate has been doing the rounds of campaigns non-stop with the Meghalaya NCP president, Saleng A Sangma joining her in campaigning to ensure she wins.

“I am not a political novice as people want to believe. I have been a part of almost all the campaigns undertaken by my late husband. We always discussed strategy as well as campaign points together. I supported him through his two bids at becoming an MLA, though the dream has been cut short,” said Krinilla.

Krinilla wants to continue the legacy started by her late husband. “Anyone who came to him did not go back disappointed. Now we want to continue what he has promised to start,” she added.

The NCP candidate is currently one of the front runners for the constituency she is representing. The Williamnagar seat will see a contest between 9 candidates including former MLAs, Deborah (Congress), Marcuise Marak (NPP), SR Marak (BJP), Sengbath Marak (Ind), Mahamsing Sangma (UDP), Lahat Marak (Ind), Siljohn Marak and Jan Arengh.

“We are confident of winning as the people of Williamnagar wanted to see my late husband as their MLA before he was so cruelly taken away from us. The current MLA as well as the former MLA have not really inspired confidence amongst the voters due to their lack of vision. We will bring about everything promised by my late husband to the voters,” promised Krinilla.


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