Tura, July 8, 2018

The Achik Indigenous Justice Initiative Forum (AIJIF) on Friday met the Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma to highlight the neglect shown by some government officials when attending office in the Garo Hills region. The Forum further sought the installation of biometric attendance to ensure cases of late coming and absence in government offices was reduced.

The NGO had earlier last year highlighted many cases of officers not coming to attend office and complained to the authorities to ensure the matter was taken up earnestly. However when they made further visits to other offices, the situation was similar to their earlier findings.

“We visited these offices for work but all those efforts went in vain as the offices were mostly empty. If this is the normal situation we wonder how the people are being benefitted. Their absence is a worrying trend,” said AIJIF director, Alex K Sangma.

The AIJIF had visited the offices of the PWD in West Garo Hills, Education in Dadenggre, sericulture in Adokgre in NGH among other offices all of which were found to be without officers.

“The concerned officials were absent despite the fact that they are being paid handsomely. Following them, the lower level employees too skip work,” added chief coordinator, Stubent G Marak.

The team recently visited Dadenggre where they found the office of the SDSEO, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary and Fishery all of which did not have employees other than a guard

“This is a clear instance of negligence and unprofessionalism by various government departments which has been causing several inconveniences to the common masses,” added coordinator Chenang G Momin.

The AIJIF has now sought for the installation of biometric attendance in all offices to ensure officers and other employees arrived on time to serve the people.

“A comprehensive Bio Metric Attendance system must be installed in all government offices to ensure that public offices and public funds are not mis-utilized and are conducive for the common public,” felt Alex Sangma.

The AIJIF felt that the installation of a bio-metric system would cut down on the negligence of duty and inappropriate attitude of government employees and officials.

“We request you to peruse our strong demand towards installation of biometric attendance system in government offices for the greater interest of the people of the state,” said the AIJIF director.


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