SHILLONG | NOV 28, 2019:

The NPP led MDA Government is under pressure with MDCs of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), now demanding the removal of the People’s Democratic Front (PDF) from the coalition Government in Meghalaya.

The MDCs of the UDA are unhappy with the lone PDF MDC, Macdalyne Sawkmie Mawlong betraying the alliance by voting in favour of the no-confidence motion moved by Congress to topple the EC led by the UDP in the KHADC recently. Besides Macdalyne, there are four other MDCs of the UDA who voted in favour of the no-confidence motion.

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“The PDF should either bring back Macdalyne to the UDA or take action against her. If they fail to act we will demand the removal of the PDF from the Government,” one of the MDC of the UDA on condition of anonymity informed on Wednesday.

The MDC said that NPP had already taken action against KHADC chairman and MDC of Mawkhar-Pynthorumkhrah, Pynshngain N. Syiem.

Action will also be taken against the two party MDCs- Mitchell Wankhar and Alvin Sawkmie- for voting in favour of the no-confidence motion moved by the Congress, the MDC added.

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When contacted, UDP vice president, Allantry F Dkhar, he confirmed that the UDA MDCs has raise this issue of removing the PDF from ruling coalition Government.

“The UDP has not taken any stand on this matter. It will leave to the wisdom of the Chief Minister,” he said.

Replying to a query, UDP vice president said that the MDCs of the UDA has threatened to go all out, so to demand the removal of the PDF if they failed to act against Macdalyne.


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