TURA | JAN 23, 2020:

After laws were allegedly being flouted to allow trucks from Bhutan to export boulders to Bangladesh, local exporters from Garo Hills have questioned the authorities for being bias to trucks originating from Bhutan which are bound for Bangladesh through the Dalu check post under West Garo Hills.

The local export group further state that something seemed fishy with the way all legal norms were being shunted to allow the boulder trucks from Bhutan to move without hindrance while locals struggle to exist in the market.

According to local stone quarry operators from Pipulbari area and exporters from Garo Hills, their vehicles are not being allowed to carry more than 200 CFT where as trucks from Bhutan are running with more than 450 CFT.

Interestingly there is no checking is done on these Bhutan trucks.

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“There is no weighbridge to weigh 12 wheelers which carry more than 600 CFT. With such a low rate of stone in Bangladesh, local operators are suffering huge losses as they have to make 2-3 trips to complete what one Bhutan trucks carry. When somebody from outside is being allowed to move beyond permitted weight why are locals are being deprived,” asked Linden Momin, secretary of the group.

“There is something definitely fishy as it seems everyone is trying to help these trucks even when their illegality is out in the open. We can’t understand the special treatment,” he added.

The matter of Bhutan trucks getting a free hand at export is well known and documented despite which the reluctance of the state government as well as the local administration to act on the complaints indicates something is not right with the system. Added to that the ‘dadagiri’ carried out by the Bhutan exporters, is another alarming thing.

Protection for these trucks apparently comes right from the top echelons of the state government with even small drivers connecting through their bosses to the top government brass and forcing many departments to just let them go without following the laws of India.


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