TNT News | October 09, 2018

Just less than a month after Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma appealed to the general public, especially the MLAs and politicians to donate their one month’s salary for the betterment of schools in rural parts of Meghalaya who lack basic amenities, the CM today announced that he had donated one and half month salary of Rs. 3 lakh for renovation of Shohphria Govt L.P. School, Mawthadraishan Block, West Khasi Hills District and the same has been successfully completed.

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Speaking to media persons, the CM said, “The whole concept of adopting a school is that even a small contribution can make a huge difference in making lives better for students in schools of rural India. I had contributed one and half month of my salary to renovate this school and I am urging all the MLAs as well as the officials of business houses also to try and make a difference by adopting a school. I am happy that we have successfully managed to renovate this school”.

A school authority while speaking to media thanked the CM for improving the long neglected school infrastructure and also hoped that the future of the the school would now be at par with those of Shillong.

A month ago at a function the CM rued the fact that there are many children in the interior villages of Meghalaya studying in schools which do not even basic facilities, the CM expressed the concern of the state government in this regard.

“We are trying our level best to change this fact but again, there are limitations and challenges. Since many of our schools in rural areas are in dire need of help, hence I want to appeal to officers, successful businessmen and senior politicians to try and identify and adopt a school in rural areas in whatever capacity they can. Even giving one sheet of tin or bench can make a great difference”.

“I am starting this from myself and will be giving my one month’s salary for a school located in the hinterland of the state. I will provide whaetever is necessary and what I can to help the school”, the CM said while adding that, “If there is a movement in this line from even the common man who wish to donate whatever they can, we as a society can collectively make a huge difference.”



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