Tura, October 2, 2019:

In view of the continuous degradation of the road, the Anti Corruption and Human Development Organization (ACHDO) has lodged a complaint with the deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills, Ram Singh, over the pathetic road condition due to plying of boulder trucks from Bhutan through the AMPT road into Bangladesh, stating that the movement of such trucks was destroying the road.

The NGO further threatened a non cooperation movement if the road is continued to be used for such transport.

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Trucks from Bhutan carrying boulders have been using the Dalu export route to Bangladesh for close to 10 months now but have been facing problems mostly due to overload. After protests of the NH 51 road being used, the transporters are currently using the AMPT road – which is already in a terrible condition, though the loads that they carry are far beyond the permissible limits.

“We all know the condition of the AMPT road the movement of these trucks destroying what has recently been repaired. We strongly object to the movement of these trucks through this route and it has not stopped despite our protestations,” said president Israful Hoque.

The NGO also complained that these trucks (more than 50 per day) travel at high speeds and if they brake, it literally takes 2-3 feet of the road with each stop.

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They further asked as to how the transport was being allowed through state highways and not national highways.

“The SC order also restricts the movement of such overloaded trucks. We also want to know as to whether permission has been obtained for the use of the AMPT and if it has been given, should be cancelled immediately given the condition of the road,” added the NGO.

“If despite our protestations on the matter and the condition of the road, the said trucks continue plying, we will protest democratically on the matter,” he added.


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