TURA | Sept 12, 2019:

A memorandum signed by various NGOs, organisations and locals residents was submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of Ampati, SWGH against exportation of stone boulders through different routes causing destruction to public property and people on Monday.

It stated that many overloaded vehicles exporting stone boulders towards state highway 12 and major district roads (MDR) via Bangladesh were destructing the road causing nuisance to the locals.

The delegation comprises of GSU, AYC, Nokmas of various villages, Mothers’ Union and MSCC.

The State Highway 12 from Garobadha to Dalu via Ampati Zikzak and Mahendraganj road which is an immature road and is under-construction is being degraded due to heavy loaded vehicles plying through this road.

The memo stated that these vehicles are not only damaging the roads but also emit harmful Carbonmonoxide (CO) gas, which is polluting the environment and is also a violating NGT Act 2010.

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There has been many cases of accidents reported leading to deaths of many due to “reckless” driving of those drivers.

They have demanded the authorities to keep a check on the vehicles and also to stop heavy loaded vehicles from plying through different routes of SWGH, so to prevent further damages to the dilapidated roads.

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