TURA | DEC 4, 2019:

In a bid to fight the menace of corruption, various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of Phulbari area decided to form a forum with an aim to provide a greater voice against such cases in West Garo Hills (WGH).

The decision to come together to act comes in the wake of a meeting held between themselves on Tuesday. A threadbare discussion led to the NGOs stating that they wanted to weed out corruption and favouritism that was taking place as well as seek a stop to 18 wheeler boulder export trucks from Bhutan to neighbouring Bangladesh.

The NGOs that have decided to come together have been identified as GSU, FKJFP, AAYF, FAF, CEPARD, AYWO, AHAM, ADE, ASWA and GSMC. The forum will be led by the GSU president, FR Marak as chairman and Silseng Marak as co-chairman. The secretary for the new forum will be Terak Sangma.

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According to a release by the NGOs, the first point of discussion was the illegal appointments that have taken place in both the Phulbari CHC as wel as the Chibinang PHC.

“There have been many fingers pointed at the illegal appointments and we want to find out the truth. We have been made aware that most of the appointments made were done illegally and we will RTI if needed to find out the truth,” said the chairman of the forum, FR Marak.

Marak added that almost the entire roster of appointment in Chibinang were manipulated with and needed to be worked on.

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Further they also question the order of the DC allowing for the transportation of boulder for export on the AMPT road that runs through the town.

“There are no weighbridges to check for weights being carried. Also our road is in terrible state so carrying 18 wheelers on this road does not make sense. We are already facing such a lot of problems with incomplete sections of the road which have created so much dust that living beside the road is a terror,” added Silseng Marak.

The members of the forum added that the focus would be to strengthen their voices together instead of fighting individually.


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