SHILLONG | Jan 02, 2019:

Celebrations on New Year’s eve and New Year didn’t quite go as planned for some people as their fates were met with unforeseen tragic incidences; thanks to rash driving and drunken driving!

Meghalaya witnessed a total of 12 accidents in three days — Dec 30 & 31 of 2018 and Jan 1 of 2019 with 19 people sustaining injuries.

December 30:

  • One, Hamborheini Dkhar (29) sustained injuries after a vehicle (ALTO 800), he was driving rolled over and and hit another vehicle (FORTUNER ) at Pommura in East Khasi Hills district around midnight. Dkhar was administered first aid given and shifted to Civil hospital Shillong by Mawryngkneng Base Ambulance.
  • One Ajit Khongsit (32) was riding a scooty when he collided head on with a truck near Elephant Falls around 1.41 am, which came from the wrong side. Khongsit suffered major injuries with suspected fracture of the lower limb and dislocation of right ankle; He was later shifted to Shillong Civil Hospital by 108 Sohiong Based Ambulance.
  • A young lady, Rechoice Marwein (24) was hit by a scooty while she was walking by the road side at Golflink Shillong around 4.53 am; She suffered minor injuries and was shifted to Shillong Civil Hospital by 108 umiam Based Ambulance.
  • In a hit and run case, an unknown person was hit by a vehicle at 11th Mile Brynihat in Ri Bhoi district at around 5.33 am; the victim suffered multiple injuries on the head and was immediately shifted to GMC Gauhati by 108 Byrnihat based Ambulance.
  • In a similar case, one Krishna Thapa (28) was hit by an unknown vehicle and sustained minor injuries at Mawlai Mawiong at around 8.11 am; He was later shifted to Civil Hospital Shillong by 108 Pomlum based ambulance.
  • Four people sustained injuries after the Sumo they were travelling got hit by a Truck (Head on Collision) as the truck driver was in an inebriated condition at Mawblei around 9.28 am. The injured person have been identified as Drikshon Lynshing (58), Giftlan Dina (39), Pynbianglang Lyngshing (44) and Teiborlin Lyngshing (26). The victims were later shifted to Civil Hospital Shillong.

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December 31

  • Four people sustained injuries after a vehicle they were travelling in met with an accident at Kynshi Bangla in West Khasi Hills at around 5.50 pm. The driver of the Local Taxi, Joinlang L Nongum (24) lost control of his vehicle and went and hit a Private Maruti Car in Kynshi Bangla in West Khasi Hills at around 5:50 pm. He was later shifted to Mairang CHC. Others who were injured in the accident were Koplang Rani (22), Alfredson Lyngdoh Nonglait (27) and Jeinlang Lyngdoh Nongum (20) were later shifted to Nazareth/Woodland Hospital by 108 Nonstoin/Mairang Civil Base Ambulance.
  • One Winstar Khylleit (33) was driving his Maruti car when he was hit by a running Truck in Umeit in Ri Bhoi at around 09:52 pm. The victim sustained head Injury. He was shifted to Bhoirymbong CHC, but the case was directly referred to NEIGRIHMS.
  • One Ajibul Rehman (40), who was riding a bike under the influence of alcohol went and hit an Alto Car that was parked near G Star Hotel in 13th mile in Ri Bhoi at around 10:16 p. He sustained injuries and later shifted to Byrnihat PHC by 108 Byrnihat base
  • ambulance.

January 1

  • One Kongsi Marwet (38) met with an accident after a three-wheeler vehicle (Auto Rickshaw ) over turned at Ri Bhoi district. The victim, who was a passenger of the vehicle, suffered minor injuries. She was later shifted to Nongpoh Civil Hospital by Byrnihat Ambulance.
  • Two girls, Marysha Ryntathiang (20) and Darihun Ryntathiang (10) met with an accident after a Swift Vehicle they were travelling in over turned at Kreit in East Khasi Hills at around 9:12 pm, while trying to avoid a collision with another vehicle which came from the opposite side. Both the victims sustained injuries; they were later shifted to Shillong Civil Hospital by 108 Markasa Base Ambulance.
  • One B Pyngrope (24) sustained injuries after he met with an accident near Umstew in East Khasi Hills when his Alto Car skidded. The victim was
  • shifted to Sohra CHC by 108 Sohra Base Ambulance.


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