SHILLONG | January 22, 2018

Gaurav Bajaj from Shillong, Meghalaya has made it to the India Book of Records for the largest number of boarding pass collections made by him owing to his love and zest for travelling. As per records, he has collected a total number of 233  boarding passes of both national as well as international air travels, collected from May 9, 2002 till April 23, 2017.

Speaking to TNT- The Northeast Today, Gaurav said, “I have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, UAE, Bangladesh, Thailand and Nepal among other places apart from the various places in India. New Zealand has been one of the best destinations in terms of experiences so far”.

On being asked as to how did he receive this acknowledgement for this hobby, he said, “I was browsing through one of the websites where I got to know that India Book of Records existed and I immediately contacted them and started the formalities. I only wanted an acknowledgement of my efforts which I started when I got out of college after my graduation and was going for my Masters in Business Administration. It just happened. I never imagined that a crazy hobby like collecting boarding passes of one’s travel can make a record. The record verification took place in the office of India Book of Records at Delhi on Jan 15, 2018. Now definitely the next generation of the family will have something to strive for. It will help them focus on hobbies and take it seriosly”.

Gaurav Bajaj hails from Shillong and did his schooling and graduation from St. Edmunds School and College respectively. He then went for his Masters but chose not to complete it due to other priorities. He has an avid golfer and heads the Meghalaya Golf Promoters’ Society. He has a keen interest in manufacturing of Cement, Ferro Alloys, Lime with presence in Petro and Lifestyle Retail as well.

India Book of Records has been the keeper of Indian records for more than a decade with its 12th edition India Book of Records -2017 has itself created a benchmark by being a bestseller , consistently reviewed highly in various online bookstores including Amazon and Flip kart and is often referred as a last word in the field  of Indian records by the world media including BBC & New York times.

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