Shillong | Nov 20,2019

The ruling Executive Committee of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) led by Chief Executive Member (CEM), Teinwell Dkhar collapsed during the Council winter session after failing to survive the non-confidence motion moved by the Opposition Congress here today.

While moving the no-confidence motion, the opposition party supported by nine MDCs and an independent MDC, Grace Mary Kharpuri had stated that the ruling coalition which is leading the EC in the Council for the past eight months has failed on all fronts.

The UDA is an alliance comprising of the MDCs of the UDP, PDF, NPP, HSPDP and independent MDCs.

After the opposition moved the no-confidence motion, Deputy CEM, Pyniaid Sing Syiem had asked the MDCs of the ruling SIDE to stand in the floor of the House to prove that the UDA still has the majority. Interestingly, PDF MDC from Umsning, Macdalyne S Mawlong and UDP MDC from Laban, Mitchel Wankhar did not stand despite the request on the part of the Deputy CEM.

The leader of opposition, Lamphrang Blah refused to withdraw the no-confidence motion after the end of the debate and said that he left to the wisdom of the Chairman to decide. The Chairman told the House that he will have to put the no-confidence motion to vote to decide whether ruling coalition still has the support of the majority.

In the House of 29, both the ruling coalition and the opposition got 14 votes each during the voting. Following a tie, Syiem told the House that he would vote to decide who wins the no-confidence motion. The present EC collapse after the Chairman voted in favour of the opposition. Besides Syiem, it is still unclear who are the other four MDCs of the ruling coalition in the Council who supported the NC moved by the opposition.

Syiem, after the voting told the members that the present EC has lost the confidence of the House, since it has lost the support of the majority. He also informed that the election of the new CEM will be held on the November 22.


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