From Our Correspondent | July 20, 2018

Tura: East Garo Hills NGOs today came out against the supposed demand for separate Autonomous Councils (AC) by minority tribals including Koch, Rabhas, Bodos among others.

The conglomeration of Williamnagar NGOs comprising of GSU, FKJGP, AIGU, FAF and AAYO expressed strong objection to the demand of separate autonomous district council by the sub-tribes.

“The Garo people will not let anyone divide their land to form a separate Autonomous District Council (ADC) for any sub-tribes. This very idea to demand for separate autonomous district council from the land which only belongs to Garos may lead to disturbance of peaceful coexistence between the Garos and other sub-tribes,” warned the NGOs.

“We are peace loving people and always believed in peaceful coexistence amongst all the sub-tribes and the people residing in this part of the land. Hence, no one should take advantage of the peaceful nature of the Garos. We have been living peacefully since time immemorial and we should continue to do so,” they added.

The NGOs also objected to the idea of a separate Gaonbura (village headman) under A’king land was unjustified stating that, “There cannot be a separate Gaonbura under the same Aking-land.”


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