Shillong | April 05, 2019

Living up to the motto of “No voter to be left behind”, the Meghalaya Election Commission has been busy preparing the state’s two polling stations accessible solely by boats and one situated very close to the international border with Bangladesh– The Kalatek, Kamsing and Dalia polling stations for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2019. The state is set to vote on April 11 for two Lok Sabha constituencies, namely Shillong and Tura.

Dalia polling station situated close to the international border with Bangladesh( Border fence in the background)

Frederick Roy Kharkongor , Meghalaya’s Chief Electoral Officer on Thursday informed that Election officials and security forces have been inspecting the Dalia and Kalatek area prior to the polls. The polling party after crossing the river by boat have to trudge another couple of kilometres on hot sand to reach the Kalatek and Kamsing polling stations both of which are Meghalaya’s only polling stations accessible by boats.

Election officials crossing the river on a boat en route to Kalatek polling station

It is interesting to note that the Dalia polling station which is located right next to the International Border Fencing attracted wide spectators from across the border in Bangladesh last Assembly election in the state in the year 2018.

Election Vehicles crossing a river en route to other polling stations

This time again, the polling station is expected to pull crowd from across the border on the day of Lok Sabha polls, due to which the security noose around the area has been tightened.

Election officials and security forces on an inspection along the international border prior to the Lok Sabha polls


**31-Dalia under 26-Shella Assembly (located close to the international border with Bangladesh)

Male=507 voters, Female=443 voters– Total=950 voters

**30-Kalatek under 26-Shella Assembly Constituency (This is Meghalaya’s 2nd polling station accessible solely by boat).

Male=420 voters, Female=336 voters– Total=756 voters

** Kamsing Polling Station located in Amlarem Sub division in West Jaintia Hills District(This is Meghalaya’s 1st polling station accessible solely by boat).

This is the state’s smallest polling station with a total number of only 29 voters.


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