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Tura, February 25, 2018

Poll bound Meghalaya has witnessed a lot of mayhem in the recent past, thanks to the activities of the dreaded GNLA, the Garo populace lived in fear for almost two decades until the ‘Most Wanted’ man, Sohan D Shira was shot dead on February 25, thanks to the efforts of the SF10 commandos. Following his encounter, the body of the slain commander in chief of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA), Sohan D Shira, was today laid to rest at the village of Chasatgre in East Garo Hills on the other side of the Simsang River.

Shira had been the most wanted militant in the state carrying a bounty of Rs 10 lakhs on his head in 2015 and his death has dealt a body blow to militancy in Garo Hills. His death also came 6 days after the killing of NCP candidate, Jonathone N Sangma in an IED blast attributed to the GNLA.

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The body of the 41-year-old was handed over to his family members after the post-mortem which was conducted was at Williamnagar at around 1:30 pm on Sunday. People waited outside the morgue for several hours to get a glimpse of the slain militant.

After the postmortem, his body was taken to his wife’s residence where a brief prayer service was held in accordance with the wish of his mother. The final rites were conducted at her residence and Sohan was buried beside his father, Golendro T Sangma.

The postmortem of Sohan took several hours as the medical team did its utmost to put together Shira’s disfigured face. His wife remained unconscious from the shock even as the final rites were taking place.

The entire village of Chasatgre converged for Shira’s funeral, which lasted for about two hours.

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His sister, Aruna D Shira provided more inputs into the happenings in the Shira household until his killing yesterday. She said that Shira had the desire to return though he did not trust the government due to past experiences.

“Sohan had the desire to return provided the government was willing to come forward with a peace pact,” said Aruna, elder sister of Shira.

In a huge revelation she further stated that recently two Central government officials had requested her to convince him to join the mainstream.

“I tried in every way to convince him but he was not willing to accept. He had his own arguments as he did not trust the government based on his previous experiences,” she added.

In 2004, Shira, a former militant with the now disbanded A’chik National Volunteer’s Council (ANVC), joined the mainstream but had to face several difficulties because of alleged harassment by security personnel.

“He (Shira) was not happy with the government and the security forces, who continued to obstruct his activities and business ventures. Disturbed with the situation, he (Shira) fled to the jungle to continue his rebellious movement,” Aruna further said.

Shira was shot dead by the elite Special Force-10 commandos of the Meghalaya Police at Bawangre village, near Dobu in East Garo Hills on Saturday.

For the past two decades, Shira has been the most dreaded rebel in Meghalaya and had remained elusive. He had last visited his family in January.



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