By Our Reporter | TNT News | October 06, 2018

While announcing his decision to accept his appointment as the Chief Advisor to the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) Government in the State, Veteran political leader, D.D. Lapang however ruled out any possibility of floating a new political party.

“I cannot imagine floating a new party with all grey hair on this head. After a long political career, it is just a dream in wilderness by someone. We have already had so many political parties in the State why make more grumbling agencies,” Lapang said while replying to a question as to whether or not was he planning to float a new political party here today.

When asked about the leaders of parties who approached him to be the ‘Big Uncle’ of the Government, the former Chief Minister said that they have come under the umbrella of the MDA coalition adding that the decision is taken collectively to appoint him as the Chief Advisor since it is a coalition Government.

He said that the coalition partners in the MDA had made it clear that they have approached him not with the intention of inviting him to join any party.

“They had categorically stated that would like me to be a big uncle of the MDA Government. After thinking properly and after consulting my friends and family members, I have decided to accept this assignment,” the veteran political leader and five time Chief Minister said while speaking to media persons.

He however maintained that he would like to have a free hand and not to be restricted while carrying out his responsibility that has been given to him.

When asked which party will he join, he said that he has not exercised his mind or taken any decision to join any political party.

“It will take time for me to take this decision,” he said.


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