SHILLONG | Sept 11, 2019:

Senior legislator of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Metbah Lyngdoh was unanimously elected as the new president of the party during the meeting of the General Council held here today.

The name of Metbah Lyndoh, who is a three-time MLA representing Mairang constituency, was recommended by the nomination committee and it was endorsed by the General Council. The senior UDP legislator is the third president of the party after late EK Mawlong and late Dr Donkupar Roy.

Delighted on his election as the president, Lyngdoh said that it has come as a shocked to him on being given this huge responsibility to lead the party. “As a leader, I would try to carry along everyone in the journey to strengthen the party,” the newly elected party president said while addressing the general council meeting.

At the same time, he told the party leaders and workers not to play politics within the party. “It will not be good for the party if we play pity politics. I don’t know who are the contenders for the post of President.  But I would like to seek the support of everyone to ensure the party grow from strength to strength,” the senior UDP legislator said.

He also recalled that after the demise of late former president Donkupar Roy, he was encouraged to take the responsibility by the party leaders to do what is best for the party.

Stating that besides being elected as the PP leader of the party, he said that the HSPDP, who is part of the Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA), without any debate elected him as the chairman of the alliance. “Being part of the RDA, we will continue to be together in the MDA Government,” the newly elected president said.

Meanwhile, Lyngdoh said that the focus now is on the bye-election to the Shella Assembly constituency. “We have to take a collective responsibility of everyone to ensure that the party wins the bye-election. We will start to plan our strategy after the election for the Speaker post on September 13,” he said.

The newly elected president said that that he is happy to have been selected as the consensus candidate of the MDA for the Speaker post. “I hope that all the MLAs of the MDA will vote for me,” he added.


Besides the post of president, the party has also elected Bindo Mathew Lanong as the Chief Adviser, Paul Lyngdoh, Lahkmen Rymbui, Titosstarwell Chyne, Moonlight Pariat, Nujorki Sugnoh, Donbok Khymdeit and LC Momin as the working presidents. The party also elected Allantry F Dkhar, Utpal Arengh and Kor Sympli as the vice presidents besides electing Jemino Mawthoh as the general secretary.

Images credit: Sam Lyngdoh


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