By Our Reporter, Shillong News | SHILLONG, January 2, 2018:

Days after a 14-yr old minor boy lost his life after being beaten brutally by none other than his own mother in Shillong, police on Tuesday arrested the accused and she later sentenced to 14-day judicial custody by a local court here.

It was on Dec 29 evening when the 5-month old pregnant mother identified as Rilang Pyngrope assaulted her minor son with a firewood log for losing Rs 10 given to him to buy vegetables. The incident happened at around 6.30 pm on Dec 29 and the boy succumbed to his injuries at around 3 am on Dec 30.

State Commission for Protection of Child Right (SCPCR) Chairperson Meena Kharkongor had earlier informed that as per statements given by the boy’s aunt, Pyngrope (accused) is a habitual abuser who beats up her kids without any rhyme or reason besides using filthy and foul languages.

The mother was picked up on December 30 and sent for medical examination and later released. Her release however, did not end well with the SCPCR. The commission intervened into the matter and demanded for immediate arrest of the mother. “Following the intervention, the accused mother was arrested today (Jan 2),” Kharkongor said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, police have a different version to the whole story. While it was reported that the mother was released on bail on Dec 30, police, however, informed that the accused was never arrested in the first place for her to get bail.

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“She (mother) was only picked up on Dec 30 and all formalities like medical examination was conducted However, it was already sunset before all the formalities are completed and according to the law, we cannot arrest a woman after sunset, so she was let go,” EKH Superintendent of Police (City) Spill Thamar said.

The accused was arrested on Tuesday and was booked under section 304 of the IPC. “The accused has been forwarded to 14 days judicial custody and her remaining children (8 yr old and 3 yr old son) will be forwarded to ChildLine tomorrow,” Thamar added.

Reacting to a supplementary FIR filed by the president of Civil society Women’s Organisation (CSWO) Agnes Kharshiing on Dec 31, the SP (City) said “We will conduct a preliminary investigation into the matter relating to accusation of the mother being a ‘habitual abuser’ besides others”.

Meanwhile, there were reports which stated that the district child Welfare Committee (CWC) was aware of the incident which took place last year when the mother assaulted her son (now deceased) to the extent that he couldn’t walked and was hospitalized. It was alleged that the matter ended in a compromise and the same was never reported to the child commission.

“I have heard of such reports, but I am not very sure of the facts. I will take up the matter with the CWC and will try to dig out documents relating to this case,” said the SCPCR chief.

It may be mentioned that the boy was laid to rest on Dec 31 in the presence of family and friend.




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