TURA | March 21, 2019:

Congress Tura MP candidate and Leader of Opposition, Dr Mukul Sangma on Thursday lashed out at the Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma over his statement on flagship programmes introduced by the previous MUA government, and called him a ‘hypocrite’ and a ‘puppet’.

“He (Conrad) being a puppet, there are others who pull the string. I am very sad to see how Conrad spoiled the reputation our government have built. All he does is talk and no work!” said Dr Mukul.

The former chief minister was addressing party workers in Tura Congress Bhavan on Thursday while welcoming three MDCs along with their supporters to the party.

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Dr Mukul was reacting to Conrad’s statement on the flagship programmes introduced by the then Congress government where the CM had termed several missions introduced by the then government as a ‘failure’. “He (Mukul) introduced several missions in the State which led to financial burden. He was least bothered to executive the mission properly, and the programme failed,” Conrad had stated.

“Mr Conrad Sangma will need plenty of homework to do before he can understand about Agar (aquilaria malaccensis) plantation in private land and it’s positive economic ramifications; It is with our intiative that a legal provision for harvesting agar plant for its commercial exploitation is now available.” said Dr. Mukul.

Taking a dig at both the Sangma brothers — Conrad Sangma and his brother, James Sangma, the Home Minister, Dr Mukul said “They (Sangma Brothers) used to say that I have a foundation stone manufacturing factory and now those very brothers are shamelessly inaugurating the so-called foundation stone factory’s stones laid by me and my government!”

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Reacting to reports on ‘singing Chief Minister’, Dr Mukul said “They even call me singing Chief Minister for I have a passion for music and I like to sing and of late Conrad himself started singing on national TV; what do you call that? Of course A Hypocrite!”

Drawing his sword at NPP Tura MP candidate and former union minister, Agatha Sangma, the LO pointed out to the number of times Agatha attended the Lok Sabha sessions while holding the post as MP.

According to PRS Legislative research website, Agatha Sangma’s attendance during her tenure was only 49% and the numbers of debate was “0” zero, numbers of question asked was also “0” zero, Private Member’s Bills also “0” zero.

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“Then what was Agatha Sangma doing as an elected MP of Tura not voicing for the people who have given their votes to her so she could voice for the voiceless?! is this why people of Garo Hills elected her to have a vacation in New Delhi? People need to see the facts and not believe in their promises and lies,” said Dr. Mukul.

Urging the people of Tura to support him in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Dr Mukul assured to give his best to live upto the expectations of the people of the region.

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“We have sent the MP from only one family for decades and they think its their personal property; they have been given so many chances to prove themselves in bringing development to the region but they have failed miserably. So let us all vote for the change this time the change for better,” he said.

Dr Mukul also stressed on the relationship between the BJP and NPP and said that the NPP is the other side of the same BJP’s coin. “Only during elections they pretend to be fighting against each other but in reality they are one and NPP is still part of NDA which is headed by BJP and they are the MDA partners in the state,” he added.



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