From Our Correspondent | TURA, August 27, 2018

In yet another shocking revelation coming from the North East Hills University (NEHU), the varsity has given the go-ahead to wage payment in the state’s scale even before the same has been passed by the state.

The matter came to light after a source from within NEHU provided details of an executive meeting held sometime in the month of April.

NEHU has in recent months been in the eye of the storm over allegations of corruption as well as underpaying contract workers employed in NEHU despite a direct order from the Centre and UGC on the implementation of minimum wages according to central rates. Employees being denied the extended wages are now looking at options to take the University to task over the matter.

According to the notification dated April 1, 2018, NEHU notified the wages of the daily wage workers as Rs 300 per day for unskilled, Rs 340 for semi skilled, Rs 380 for skilled and Rs 420 for highly skilled people it employs. This is allegedly based on the state rates of wages, though the same is yet to be passed for the state by the state for its wage based employees.

There is a difference of over Rs 200 between the wages notified by the Centre when compared to that of the state and has become the bone of contention.

“How can NEHU structure wages according to the state rate when the same has not yet been passed by the state? Is it not a central university so why are they still trying to replicate state wages when the UGC and the Centre has directed to pay according to the central scales? This is not making sense,” said the source who sought anonymity.

The aggrieved employees had even sought the intervention of the CM, Conrad Sangma, who they met recently, though the CM asked the group to try and resolve the same through the district administrations.

“NEHU needs to explain to us as to where the extra money is going. It is not as if they are paying us from their own pockets. It is shocking that they are so adamant at not providing us what is due rightly to us – the central rate of wages,” added the source.

The above allegations, however, could not be clarified with the administrators of the university as they remained unreachable for comment.



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