TURA | Dec 10, 2019:

The decision of NPP MP from Tura, Agatha Sangma to support the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 in the Lok Sabha on Monday has not gone down well with the people of Meghalaya particularly Garo Hills even as they termed it as an “act of betrayal”.

Terming it as betrayal to their trust, the various NGOs of Garo Hills on Tuesday burnt the effigies of Agatha along with those of the home minister, Amit Shah and the prime minister, Narendra Modi in Dainadubi, North Garo Hills today in protest against the passage of the Bill in the Lok Sabha.

The Tura MP had voted for the Bill while seeking complete exemption for the NE from the BJP led NDA government.

Sikkim’s SKM only regional party from Northeast that voted against CAB

Meanwhile, the Post Graduate Students’ Union (PGSU) held a rally condemning the statement of the Tura MP on the matter. The rally ended at the gate of the NEHU – Tura campus with the protestors shouting slogans against Agatha.

Similar effigies were also burnt in Williamnagar in EGH as well as in front of the NPP office in Tura. The effigy burning of the Tura MP happened as part of the 11 hour shut down called by NESO.

The anger of the NGOs comes in the wake of the NPP leadership threatening to break up with the NDA over the passage of CAB. Garo Hills residents had expected the Tura MP to vote in line with the wishes of the people of the region, leading to the anger that poured forward today.

Meghalaya: Demand for ILP grows louder as CAB inches closer to become Law

The NGOs blamed the MP for selling Garo Hills and the sentiments of the people on the matter.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) has been the bone of contention for the people of the NE with most residents fearing being flooded with foreigners in the NE states.

Meanwhile, the FKJGP – Garo Hills Zone has stated that it was disheartened and disappointed with the MP after her speech in the Lok Sabha yesterday, Dec 9.

“Her statements can only be construed as ill conceived, immature and reckless at best. Her actions have betrayed the cause of the people of Meghalaya in general and people of Garo Hills in particular not to mention her party’s own ideologue with regards to CAB,” said FKJGP president, Pritam Arengh. They termed the act of the Tura MP as that of a lone ranger.

NESO Bandh against CAB: Stray incidents in Meghalaya

Referring to the NPP, who have been spearheading the fight from the NE on CAB, Pritam asked as to what stance the party would take now on Agatha. The NPP has been threatening to sever ties with the BJP if CAB is passed in the Upper House.

“Will the State and National leadership of the NPP take disciplinary action against Agatha Sangma? Or will she be let scot free by the NPP leadership? The NPP National President their leadership should expel her from its membership for betraying the sentiments and trust of both the electorate and citizens of Meghalaya else, everything the NPP has promised in the past will be seen as nothing but a series of white lies,” said the FKJGP leader.

The NGO further asked the MP to bear moral responsibility for her actions which they added has created a lot of confusion and resentment amongst and against the Garo Community and step down as the MP representing Tura Constituency and the people of Garo Hills.


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