TURA | Aug 25, 2019:

Concerned over the various problems afflicting the villages, the Nokmas and Gaonburas of the Tikrikilla area yesterday held a meeting to introspect and come up with plausible solutions to these problems.

The meeting was held on Aug 24, in the village of Bakripara and was attended by headmen of villages, VDP presidents, sordars, laskars and mandals.

The first issue raised was the worrying trend of students in school uniform engaging in smoking and drinking. Many students below the age of driving have regularly engaged in rash driving thereby posing great dangers to themselves.

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“This is worrisome and needs to be examined. It may be mainly due to lack of awareness of laws by both children and parents. Also the illegal sale of alcohol and cigarettes is mainly due to easy availability of intoxicants (local and IMFL). We have decided to organize awareness of such evils in line with the departments concerned,” said Walseng Sangma, convenor of the association.

The meeting also expressed concern over the illegal, rampant functioning of stone quarries and transportation. All these, according to the members, is being done without the requisite clearances and according to the members posed a serious concern to the environment.

“Many Nokmas and Gaonbuars were allowing such illegal activities under their jurisdictions due lack of awareness and as such we have decided to check and stop such illegal activities,” added Sangma.

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The frequent use of single use plastic was also discussed with many speaking on the harmful effects on the environment. The members urged the district administration to put a complete ban on sale of single use plastic.

Further the association sought to highlight decades of neglect of the Tikrikilla areas in terms of roads, education, power among other things.

“Rural roads have been neglected for generations and are a major concern,” felt the members.

They highlighted the various roads including Matchoksongram to Cheran Songmagre (15 kms), Bollonggittok to Rongbok Kosakgre (15 kms), Dodanggre to Rangsagre (10 kms) that required an immediate attention.

Continued cases of robbery, extortions and kidnapping by anti social elements near the Gaptuli Forest area under Bogularbhita (Nidanpur) Police Outpost, was a concern discussed by the members.

“In the past many innumerable robbery cases even in broad day light too. We will apprise the government on the matter and seek the set up of an anti dacoity camp,” added Sangma. Various other developmental issues were also discussed.


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